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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We have been having problems for a couple of days with our internet provider, still not sorted but a least I have managed to connect, still having email problems so apologies to the Purley Plonkers aka Mark & Carole and also to Bradda the biggest Wolves fan I know, to be honest he is the only Wolves fan I know, any way they have sent e-mails wishing Liverpool the best of luck in the big match tonight, thanks for your support, come on you reds!!!

The power of the Buckle-Yeat blog, this morning BBC Radio Cumbria rang and asked if they could give me a call on air in the morning if Liverpool win, I asked where they got my name from and they told me it was the blog site, amazing! So if all goes to plan I will be speaking to the nation in the morning, well Cumbria at least.

These are a couple of Buckle Yeat blooms.

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Anonymous said...

don't think that we shall hear you on the radio tomorrow with the result tonight!!