Near Sawrey

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A wet and wild morning was followed by a pleasant afternoon and evening, we have a party of 6 and a party of 4 in tonight, the 4 are Australians and have just rang from Ambleside for directions to Sawrey.

Helen has just gone to give our neighbours daughter Heather a lift to the ferry, her dad Willie has recently had a hip replacement so is unable to drive.
With a bit of luck we should get a walk later on, it is too nice to be indoors.

The village was a bit sedate again today after the manic few weeks we have had, although there did seem plenty of cars trying to park next door.

This afternoon we had a visit from a couple of regulars who only live in Burnley, Keith has had a hip replacement and is just getting fit again, so they were having a run out and called for tea and to book a few nights in August, I always have to put up with some cheek from Keith about football but as they say if you can't take it don't give it.

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