Near Sawrey

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Not a great day on the weather front, lots of heavy showers and thick cloud all day
The local news is full of floods in West Cumbria, we had a bit of a dull day but nothing like that.
I did go and check out the drains at Buckle Yeat tonight during a downpour and found a blocked drain on the path, fortunately no damage done.

The BT man came and decided there is a problem on the line serving the computer,they hope to sort it out tomorrow, apparently they are very busy due to a lightning strike somewhere close by

Mr McGregor got a thank-you card from the Tarn Hill Trust today showing their appreciation for the money he has collected for the children's playground.

Matthew and Sarah have gone to the gym at Langdale and then on to cinema at Ambleside to watch Oceans 13.

The oil men are here in the morning to replace the oil tank at Buckle Yeat

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