Near Sawrey

Sunday, July 01, 2007

1st of July and we had torrential downpours in the early hours, so much that it woke us up and I had to jump in the car and go and check all was well at Buckle Yeat, we have had flooding problems in the past so you can never rest when you hear it raining like it was.
As it turned out everything was OK, the yard at the back was like a swimming pool but it was a long way from flooding in the house and the drains at the front were running clear.
It is Matthews last day at Summittreks today and he will then have to start to find a place to live in the Leicester area before he starts his new job at Severn Trent Water.

Its another significant date today, England goes smoke free, great, we have been totally non smoking at Buckle Yeat for a number of years and the Tower Bank has been non smoking since March 2006,so when we rarely go out anywhere else the smoky atmosphere irks just that little bit more.

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