Near Sawrey

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I was not going to mention it but today was my birthday, as you can see by the poster left on our front door today, my prime suspect is Heather.Not to sure about the gap between the o and the d.
Anthony from the Tower called in with a nice bottle of wine and announced to the tea room customers it was my birthday. I also received some wine from Denis & Margaret some bubbly, chocs and books from Helen and a key ring from the Wirksworth 2.Plus numerous cards, thanks one and all.

It was as busy as usual in the village and we had a brief visit from a couple who used to stay at the Tower, Margaret and her husband who is nicknamed Squat, their surname is Crouch and the nickname has stuck.
We went up to the Tower before tea and met up with Phillip and Sheila for a drink.

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