Near Sawrey

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Another fine day, Helen and her mum went to Kendal to choose some new specs for Margaret, I was left in charge at Buckle Yeat to show the the new arrivals in.
They were later back than expected because whilst they were in Booths the supermarket the fire alarm went off and they had to evacuate the building and leave all the shopping behind,it was a false alarm and so the shopping resumed.

Matthew sent a text message this afternoon he is attending an induction get-together with all the new starters, they are in a big hotel in Daventry for a couple of nights and he has spotted a gaggle of Premiership referees, (is gaggle the collective noun for referees, if not it should be) they must be holding some kind of seminar this week as there is no league football because of the international games at the weekend.

There has been a definite slowing down of Potter fans this week but it is still quite busy, school holidays have finished so the groups of families has dwindled.

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