Near Sawrey

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A misty murky start to the weekend, the weatherman says it should brighten up as the day progresses, we have a group who are planning to go up Scafell Pike so the visibility had better improve, I slipped up one of the party is Dave,(new year gang)he could have taken my camera with him.

We had a letter from Lynn the creator of "Mr McGregor" our fund raising scarecrow,she was asking how he was doing and how the fund raising was going, he has been indoors the last few days but is out on the bench this morning.

I noticed the other day a new dot on the visitor map and it is Pearl City on Honolulu, amazing to think someone there has found the blog, welcome whoever you are, or should that be aloha!

Next Friday the 28th September Catherine and Dot, a couple of ladies in the village are organising a coffee morning in Braithwaite Hall, it is in conjunction with the Macmillan Cancer support group, "The Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning" it is on from 10.30am to 12 Noon.

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