Near Sawrey

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Torrential rain overnight and first thing this morning but as the day went on it dried up and made a good day. It has been a bit warmer as well, yesterday morning the temperature at 7:45am was 4 degrees and this morning it was 14 degrees.

We had an email today requesting our 4 poster with jacuzzi bath tub for one night on a Saturday, we try not to let one nights on a Saturday, oh and we don't have a 4 poster and jacuzzi bath tub either, not sure where they got our contact details.

The map on the left is filling up really well with recent visitors from Argentina, Venezuela, Kuwait, and Split in Croatia, just to name a few.

A party of 8 in tonight who will be arriving after a round of golf in Kendal as they make their way from York.

We have just got back from a quick shop at Booths in Ulverston, whilst we were in a gentleman asked the lady assistant where he could find quail eggs, she looked in vain on the fish stall, she thought they were fish eggs and she finally asked the butcher who was quite amused by her lack of knowledge and proudly informed her that a quail was not a fish it was in fact a duck!!!!! True story.

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Sir David Attenborough said...

I've never seen a Quail swim! I believe the Quail is in the Pheasant family.