Near Sawrey

Friday, November 30, 2007

The bloggers are back and back to work with a vengeance, a full house and due to a late change of plans just the one room left for tomorrow, it is a grey miserable Friday but very mild.
Below is a rare picture of yours truly enjoying the late afternoon sun last week with a small glass of something cool.

Sunrise over the Mediterranean.

As I said in a previous post Rolf Harris was due in the village and whilst we were away sure enough he arrived.
They did some filming in the Tower Bank Arms and Hill Top garden, the program " Rolf on Art" is due to be shown around Christmas along with Beatrix Potter ballet which was filmed many years ago.

Rolf bumped into the famous Denis and insisted they had a picture taken together, well that's what Denis told me.

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Anonymous said...

They could be brothers! Are you sure you can't sculpt your beard like that Denis?