Near Sawrey

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Matthew got back last night, he is home from Leicester for Christmas, we had to ring him and warn him about road conditions, we had a shower of rain on frozen ground and it made roads and pavements lethal. We were in Kendal and people were going down like ninepins.

This afternoon we had a walk through the woods past the church and back into the village were we had a quick beer in a busy Tower Bank Arms.

Denis has been dressing up in the Santa suit again and paid a surprise visit to a few houses in the village distributing presents a day early, I bet he is popular with some mums trying to get the kids to bed tonight.
It has turned a bit milder tonight and the heavy frost is starting to thaw.

Helen got her regular newsletter from the Beatrix Potter Society the other day and we were pleased to see our Mr Mcgregor figure had made it into print.
If you want to know more about the BP society click on the link on the right.

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