Near Sawrey

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Yesterday we headed to Kendal for some shopping and source some new Christmas decorations for Buckle Yeat.
This morning it was damp and grey so we took the opportunity to get on with decorating Buckle Yeat for Christmas.
We bought a Santa suit for Mr McGregor and over the festive period we plan to try and raise funds towards refurbishment costs to Braithwaite Hall which is our village hall in Far Sawrey

Denis helping get Mr Mac in his new attire.
He will be, weather permitting be sitting out on the bench in front of Buckle Yeat available for photo opportunities, Mr Mac that is not Denis.

The man himself in his full glory.

I must mention today is the 90th birthday of one of our long standing guests Dorothy from Wirksworth, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DOROTHY. We hope you have had a lovely day.

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