Near Sawrey

Saturday, April 19, 2008

We went to Ulverston and Barrow yesterday, another funeral I'm afraid, an auntie of mine who has been ill for a while passed away last week.
On the way we saw the damage caused to Hoad Hill by a grass fire on Thursday and when we got to Barrow we saw the new statue of former Liverpool and England football captain Emlyn Hughes, Emlyn was from Barrow and they have built a new office complex in the town and named it after him.

Today it was cold again and it will remain that way as long as the wind is from the north east, Mr McGregor who sits on the bench outside Buckle Yeat raising money had a very poor day, I think it was to cold for people to dawdle taking pictures.

It will have been a busy day in Hawkshead today, there was a 15K trail run with lots of entries,also on the recreation ground there has been entertainment and refreshments.
An ambulance went howling through Near Sawrey towards Far Sawrey this afternoon, a section of the 15k the trail run passed through Far Sawrey and we wondered if there had been a problem with a competitor

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