Near Sawrey

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yesterday was a sunny day and although we had late arrivals they kept us informed by mobile phone, this gave us the chance to have a good long walk, there was lots good photo opportunities but my camera ran out of power as we tried to take the first shot,never mind.

Derek and Vicky checked out this morning after their weeks holiday, poor Derek was in a bit of flap before breakfast, he had lost his car keys and was searching everywhere, Vicky unpacked their suitcases, Derek retraced his movements,he had posted some postcards and the fear was he had posted the keys with them. But all this searching was to no avail as the keys were in his back pocket all along!!

A horrible day today with constant rain , there was a wedding at Far Sawrey this afteroon and it was the Rose Queen festivities at Esthwaite Vale Primary school in Hawkshead, both events could have done with some sunshine.

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