Near Sawrey

Monday, June 09, 2008

Yesterdays BBQ on Tarn Hill was a great success with wall to wall sunshine and a great turnout, we cashed in Mr McGregors donations this year so far and it added up to just over £400 which makes a running total to date of over £2000.
Helen was press ganged into the treasure hunt team with the kids from the farm and ended up on a trek to Moss Eccles and back, the kids called their team the fantastic funkers, quite hard to say after a couple of drinks, anyway they ended up the winners and got a large tin of sweets as a prize

The big race gets of to a flying start.

Willie, Roger and Denis posing as last of the summer wine, any suggestions which one is Compo.

This was sent by some guests who stayed a week or two ago, from left to right Tom, Ann, Mr Mac, Tony and Judith.

Our Rachel sent this picture of The Partridge Family living in their garden.
I think it is the Red Leg Partridge I spotted a week or two ago.

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