Near Sawrey

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

After the boat fire on Thursday we sent the video of the incident featured here on the blog to the local newspaper, this morning we received an email from the Westmorland Gazette thanking us for the footage and saying it was now on their news page.Link on the right.

Our car has been leaking water as of late and with the weather we have had recently it was beginning to be a real pain, I rang the garage and they booked me in today so I had to shoot off to Kendal after work, they lent me a replacement for a couple of days, it turned out to be a new discovery, I have never been a big fan and nothing has changed my mind, it drives great but it is massive!!

When I got back the weather had improved so we had a quick walk to take advantage of the sunny evening and met a few local people out walking with the same idea.

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Nice pictures :)