Near Sawrey

Saturday, October 11, 2008

After the monsoon conditions of the last two days we had a spring like Saturday with sunshine and blue skies.

Lynn from Trawden in Lancashire, the creator of Mr McGregor, turned up today with a replacement Mr Mc, she is really proud of the amount of cash her creation has raised for the Tarn Hill playground and so she should be. The new guy is a big one!!!

The aforementioned Tarn hill playground living up to it's name.

This morning Helen had a bit of a panic, she was putting on her boots to do a bit of gardening and felt something in her shoe, on further inspection it turned out to be a frog!! Helen has a phobia about frogs, snakes lizards etc,I was in Hawkshead and so she had to call on Derek, a guest, to remove the frog. Nightmares for Helen tonight then.

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