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Friday, November 07, 2008

All in all a good week on the weather front with lots of sunshine.
No chance to get out for a walk today as we have guests arriving all day for the weekend. So far 4 rooms are here and the rest are on the way.
Ted & Margaret from the North East, two of the New Year gang are here.

During the week we had an 80 year old Japanese lady staying for 5 days, we were thinking she was very brave travelling by coach and taxi to the lakes all on her own speaking just a little bit of English. Giving her a lift into Hawkshead the other day she told me she was going to Paris next week!!!!
On the day of her departure her niece had arranged for a taxi to pick her up at 8am. by 10 mins past no taxi! she was beginning to panic so I rang the taxi firm and good job I did, the taxi firm had Saturday down in their books.We gave her a lift to the ferry and arranged for a taxi to meet her on the other side and take her to the bus station.

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