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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Denis and I had an interesting night out last night, we attended the Claife parish meeting, the proposed car parking on Post Office Meadow was likely to be on the agenda so we wanted to see where the Parish Council stood on the matter, it turned out that that particular parking option has now been discounted, however the National Trust still plan to trial some peak time parking in a couple of fields at each end of the village.
The general feeling in the meeting was one of concern and for my part I feel more car parks mean more cars and although we are a business that benefits from the visitors to Hill Top we also live in the village and do not wish to see cars parked all over the place.

At the meeting the web sites of the Parish Council and that of the Braithwaite hall were mentioned and it prompted me to post a link to both on the right of the page.

Another item on the agenda was the new signs that have appeared in the village in an attempt to slow down traffic, this is one of the numerous new signs.
The word is that soon a 20mph limit will be in force through the villages, a good thing but more signs!!!

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