Near Sawrey

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Another scorcher with the temperature in the high 20s.

This is a picture of the first poppy to bloom in the back garden at Buckle Yeat and there is lots more to follow.

We had a visit from a couple of characters this morning, they had been sent by Kit the painter to weld the "t" back on the front gate at Buckle Yeat, it has read Buckle Yea for ages and the "t" was in the drawer.
They had a dog with them and said is was a typical blacksmiths dog,they only had to show it a piece of hot metal and it made a bolt for the door. The blacksmith said he was once asked if he had ever shoed horses, no he said but he once told a donkey to **** off. You've got to laugh, I did.


Kathy Hawkins said...

I am happy to hear the " T " is once again in Buckle Yeat!

Louise Kirby said...

Lovely photos of the Poppy... you've got some good photography skills uncle Robert :-)