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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Anyone need any honey? we have adopted a hive of honey bees in a void above a window at home,they arrived literally out of the blue (excuse the pun)
I gave Stan a ring,Stan is the man who knows about these things,he confirmed what we had guessed, there are 3 options, gas the bees, rip the house to bits to retrieve the swarm, or leave them be (another pun)!He even had an idea were they came from, a lady lost a swarm from her hive in Rusland.
We have decided to take the third option,but if we start getting stung the first option will become very attractive but till then we will do nothing.

The bees are going into the void above the window.

This poster made an appearance on our front door yesterday,we are not certain who is responsible but have a couple of ideas, I suspect a collaboration.

Buckle Yeat garden.

The window boxes at home.

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Anonymous said...

Do you think it could be a collaboration? perhaps it could be one person with a sense of humour who likes a joke!!