Near Sawrey

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I am afraid it has been wet all day, the weather man said we would have rain but not till late afternoon, WRONG!!!

Denis did his good deed for the day, this lady was a bit unsteady walking on the gravel and she asked if she could take his arm, what a gent!

This is a picture of the Helget and Brannon family from Atlanta USA they asked me not to say they were crazy, why would I they are a really nice people and it is a pleasure to have them at Buckle Yeat for the week.

Back to the cricket, I was listening to David Lloyd aka Bumble the other day and he is full of funny anecdotes, he was commenting on the 12th man running out to the batsmen with messages from the captain, he said messages often got mixed up and quoted the old military message, "send reinforcements we are going to advance" by the the time the message got through it was said as "send three and fourpence we are going to a dance" it made me laugh.

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Anonymous said...

I liked the Tuffers quote - "Bats are like girlfriends, you have your favorites"!