Near Sawrey

Friday, July 31, 2009

It was Ambleside sports yesterday and at least the rain stayed away for most of the day although I guess it would be very wet underfoot. We came over on the ferry and they told us that the level of the lake rose over 2 feet in 2 days, that is a massive amount of water.

We had a walk round by Cunsey this afternoon and Cunsey beck is in full spate.
On the way past Hill Top two little girls were playing with a ball and the mother called to one of them by her name which was "Sienna", Helen suggested the other little girl might be called "Florence" hmmm!

The Tower Bank Arms are sponsoring this years Sawrey Marrow Show, and Anthony is making a bid to claim the prize for Near Sawrey, his first attempt is looking good but I am not to sure about the ASDA sticker on the side.

We have had a rush of comments on the Buckle Yeat homepage which is good, we like to hear from guests, we also had a good review on Trip Advisor, again thats what we like.

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