Near Sawrey

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our American families checked out this morning after staying with us for the last week, they all seemed to have had good time and have toured most of the Lake District.
Mary Ann, one of the ladies had been on a small train in Twyford and decided to rename their house in Atlanta "Tywford House" She had ordered and picked up a bespoke slate nameplate from one of the slate firms in Coniston, along with most other guests we had a chuckle explaining that Tywfords are large manufactures of porcelain sanitary ware and their name is etched on urinals in public loos all over the country.

The pattern of the week was to set me with questions every breakfast time, for instance what do certain words mean? like "Thwaite", "Rigg", "How", luckily I was out of the room and Mary Ann asked another guest she had got talking to about a word she had read in book and was unsure of its meaning she said what does "B*****ks" mean? well the dining room was in uproar.
They were a great bunch of people and it was a pleasure meeting them.

This is Mary Ann with the new nameplate for her house back in Atlanta Georgia.

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