Near Sawrey

Friday, September 11, 2009

One day no variety of pictures then all of a sudden loads!
Yesterday the the fire brigade came howling with the blue lights flashing into the village, I think Beatrix had burnt the toast again.

Today was another fantastic sunny day and I managed to get the grass cut, I noticed the farmers had the mowing machines out trying to get a bit of grass cut themselves.

We have had a big turn out this morning and with it being the weekend quite a few later arrivals, this being the case we decided to have a bbq this afternoon, not having a bbq at Buckle Yeat a bit of improvisation was needed, what is the phrase? "necessity is the mother of invention" any way it worked and we had a fantastic lunch of cray fish tails and salad followed by banana baked on the bbq with soft brown sugar and served with ice cream mmmmm!

This baby frog was in the outside loo and I had to move it for its photo shoot.

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Anonymous said...

Was the fire engine connected to the BBQ?