Near Sawrey

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The New Year gang all arrive today, well 5 couples one couple have had to cancel and will arrive tomorrow.

We had a late call from a young couple the other night, they were in Stoke and wanted to come up for one night, they asked about the road conditions and I told them as long as they stayed on the main roads they would be fine, I gave them directions and told them the ferry would not be working.
Then the Sat Nav curse took over, they disregarded all my advice used the Sat Nav and came to the ferry, no ferry, so rang up and asked which way now? so I directed them round to Hawkshead, 30 minutes later they rang "we have just gone over a cattle grid, where are we now???"
It turned out the nice Sat Nav lady told them to turn left at Wray and they carried on through Wray and along the side of Windermere past Strawberry gardens and out near the ferry, not a road but an unmade rough track covered with snow, oh and they had a 10 month old baby with them, they were traumatised by the time they arrived.

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