Near Sawrey

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I am sure I will grow out of this new gizmo but this is an attempt at a 360 degree view of Near Sawrey, I hope to get better at this.
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Anonymous said...

Cool addition to web site. Got myself dizzy yesterday but was much better today.....

Paul Smith said...

Hey getting better. :-) My short tip is to always have at least 50% overlap between one image and another. And more photos are pretty much always good, unless it gets silly and makes navigation hard, but better that than a poor synth percentage.

More tips over at:

What I also do when I'm experimenting is resize all the images to say 1024x768 and a few hundred kilobytes in size so it doesn't take as long to sync, that way you've not wasted loads of time waiting for multi-megabyte images to upload. If the low-res synth turns out alright I'll upload again with the higher-resolution stuff. If not I'll see where any gaps in the synth are and then take some more photos to fill them.

ROBERT & HELEN said...

Cheers for the advice Paul this is all your fault.