Near Sawrey

Saturday, September 10, 2005

A really nice day again, what a start to September, long may it last.
A waste of time on the tea front but we were not that quick getting the board out this morning.
Derek & Vicky left this morning, only 3 weeks and they are back for another 10 days,
I think they like it here.

Helen and I had to dash off to Ulverston after we finished so left Matthew house sitting.This is Hoad Monument, built in memory of Sir John Barrow a famous explorer who was born and lived in Ulverston.

On the way back stopped at the Swan Hotel for a beer and Helen took these pictures, one of the pack horse bridge, aka Newby Bridge at the foot of Windermere, and one off the bridge back up Windermere.

Still nip and tuck in the Test, what's the weather forecast tomorrow?

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