Near Sawrey

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Well I know it's boring but what about this weather, perfect, sunny in the north and bad light and showers in the south (the oval of course).
A busy day and everybody wanting to be outside in the garden.
Denis rang yesterday from sunny Spain,he and Margaret are enjoying their holiday.
Left Matthew house sitting (again) and went a walk down the dub and through the woods.

This is a new walk way recently put in over a really muddy part of the footpath,National Park Authority I think.

Helen took all these pics, I never had my glasses.
This is one Amy's hen hut, she lives at Hill Top Farm and supplies us with free range eggs, she's off to college in Carlsle soon.

Oh I took this one, towards Far Sawrey

Happy birthday Sarah,(Monday) have not got a recent picture but this is one of Sarah and Matthew in Spain earlier this year.

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