Near Sawrey

Monday, June 26, 2006

After another busy morning it was quiet again on the tea front. A few comings and goings with some people checking out and others checking in, we have a party of 4 Japanese guests who as soon as they got here the were out with the sketch pads and are busy drawing Buckle Yeat, last year there was a group in the village painting the house so I got talking to one of them and gave him a brochure, I am almost sure he is one of the 4 I will ask later.

Before tea we took a walk down to Esthwaite Water and along the lake shore and back to Buckle Yeat to stoke up the fire, yes it is June.
We had an email from a couple of regular customer Brian & Joyce, he has been waiting for a heart op and had many cancellations until finally he got the call and is now on the mend, good news.
It turns out the Japanese group are not the people I thought.
Switzerland v Ukraine at the moment, I think the inevitable penalty shoot out will be the best part of that game.

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