Near Sawrey

Sunday, June 25, 2006

13 breakfasts this morning with 7 tables, it was skates on time.
Bill and Jill plus Holly the dog are here for a week, last time they were here I tried to bribe Holly to like me with left over sausages, I had forgot about it but she had not.
Also in residence are mother and daughter combo Judy and Dorothy from Wirksworth, they are having 10 days this year.

The tea trade was non existent this afternoon, so suprise suprise we closed early and watched the football, still not playing well but by the next time they play on Saturday, Argentina or Germany will be out, come on England. The top scorer competition is hotting up with me and Helen 1 goal each and Denis 2 goals, Frank Lampard has had more shots than any player in the competition but still keeps firing blanks, a hat trick in the final maybe.

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