Near Sawrey

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The new tarmac has set on the car park and it makes you wonder why we put up with the condition it was in for so long.
People were trying to sit out this afternoon in the tea garden, but the weather was not exactly tropical.
A couple good football matches in the world cup today I missed the German win but have watched the later game and at this precise moment Maxi Rodriguez has just scored an absolute stunner to put Argentine 2-1 up in extra time against a brave Mexico, I can only imagine the atmosphere Matthew will be experiencing while watching it on TV in Argentina.

My Far Sawrey correspondent Simon has been to the Rose Queen gala in Hawkshead and sent the following pictures and message

Hawkshead Primary School held the annual Rose Queen gala today. A great time was had by all and at the same time raising funds for the school. We now have Queen Issy and even had a visit from our local MP Tim with his family.

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