Near Sawrey

Sunday, October 22, 2006

It has been a really stormy night with gales and heavy rain, but this morning it had dried up and kept dry pretty much all day.
We have a full house again and not too much coming and going all week, teas were steady but not manic.
It was quiet in fact till the football started and of course it then got busy, any way Utd won and it hurts to admit but they deserved it. Willie came in later on we had a bit of a footy talk.

When we finished we headed up to Moss Eccles and did the regular round walk, on the way down we could see this massive shower coming to meet us, we met a few locals and had a quick chat but still kept an eye on the oncoming rain. We just got home and the storm arrived with a heavy downpour.

Not much on the box so me and Matthew are watching Real Madrid v Barcelona it seems a different class of game to the one this afternoon. having said that there is more diving than in an Olympic pool.

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