Near Sawrey

Monday, October 23, 2006

This is Billy starting out on his trek up the Tilberthwaite round, he and wife Jill got lost one year so he was taking no chances, it's a head torch not a sat nav system.

A bright dry day, this morning Denis started to strip down the wall tops and tidy them up for the winter. I took all the hanging baskets down and he will strip them out.

A busy coffee time then as usual these days it goes very quiet, we have Heather back on board today an extra pair of hands is always useful.
I think when it gets to Wednesday night we will call it quits in the tearoom, we are rapidly running low on certain cakes and they will not keep to next year.

When I lit the fire in Buckle Yeat this morning I noticed the bottom grate had collapsed, as luck would have a quick call to BSK and one was delivered this afternoon, that's service, mind you it cost over £20.

Waker,Graham and Dave went through the village with about 30 cows I stood and turned them from going through a gate opposite, I never had time to get the camera. The cows did what cows do all over the road right through the village, it's hilarious tourists are tip-toeing up the village holding their noses.

Just before we closed we had Vicoria Wood in for afternoon tea, she did not offer any dinner lady type advice.

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