Near Sawrey

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Andy was working till after 7pm last night so I stayed on sorted out some of the lighting circuits.
Horrible,wet and windy all day, the work in the bathrooms is progressing well. Mark, another joiner turned up today and so they just about finished their part in all 3 rooms, just a few skirting boards to fit tomorrow.

I had to go to Kendal for some plumbing gear and some extractor fans, I went over the ferry but on the way back I sat for 10 minutes waiting for it to come back across and just as it did they took it out of service for 1 hour. I had no intention of sitting for an hour so decided to drive round, a young lad called Joe who lives in the village had gone on as a foot passenger so I gave him a shout and I give him a lift home, he was going to have a cold boring hour sat on the ferry.
Peter is just about finished in the downstairs room, we might see some tiles going on tomorrow.

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