Near Sawrey

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another busy day on the refurbishment front, we had the joiner and the plumber working today and they seem to sorting out the minor problems that were bound to crop up.
I did a bit more on the electrics and also did a bit of fetching and carrying for Peter as we stripped out the two bathrooms upstairs. Andy seems to be intending to work on a bit late tonight so we should be making good progress, it's the downstairs bathroom that seems to be a bit of problem but I think it is all falling into place and should be ready for tiling on Thursday or at the latest Friday.

Heavy showers again this afternoon, but after helping me have a good clear out of some of the rubbish Helen went for a walk with her mum.
I had to nip down to Hawkshead and beg some conduit from the electrical contractors in the village, it's handy when you need something to be able to get it so close.

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