Near Sawrey

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Another dreary cold day, a few jobs to sort at home, Helen got on with cleaning the brass and I tried to sort out the TV reception in Matthews bedroom.

Another call from Denis for my limited plumbing skills then off to Hawkshead to post a parcel to Lorna, she is 60 on Christmas Eve so Helen has sent her a small gift.
Success with the TV and plumbing jobs, it isn't always that way.

I was on taxi duty tonight, Matthew is at Coniston for the works Christmas party
It was really foggy over the tops to Coniston and so visibility was very poor, thankfully it was not icy.
I got back just in time for the visit of the Christmas carolers, a group of villagers and 5 or 6 young children who go round both villages raising money for local charities.
The kids sang us one carol on their own but after we gave them some sweets they left the rest of the singing to the adults.

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