Near Sawrey

Friday, December 22, 2006

We are in a pattern of misty murky weather and it looks no better over the weekend.
We are shut at Buckle Yeat till just after Christmas, it feels strange not to be expecting guests in on a Friday.
After resolving the dishwasher problem (at a price) we discovered a leak on the hot water boiler, thankfully I managed to fix that myself.

These two pictures are of the children's playground at Tarn Hill, the lads have been busy and moved the big boulders, extended the playground and replanted the beech hedge, it looks really tidy now.
Me and Helen took the a walk to the Sawrey Stores via the lane up to Moss Eccles and down past Scutcheon House and along Cuckoo Brow lane.
The ladies at Sawrey Stores have the shop stocked to the gunnels with all sorts of goodies.

Denis went to Hawkshead this afternoon and had a lucky escape, he was surprised by a deer jumping out in front of him and he was unable to stop in time, he hit the deer full on but thankfully the deer recovered and ran off and unbelievably there was no damage to his car, a large tuft of hair left on the bumper was the only evidence left, that was from the deer not from Denis.

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