Near Sawrey

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas lunch in the Kirby household.
We had an excellent day yesterday, we met Denis and Margaret in the Tower Bank,it was busy as usual, lots of people from holiday cottages and quite a good mix of locals.
The rest of the day was as it will have been all over the country, good food and plenty of good red wine, Alan supplied the champagne.

Dad and Alan went home after breakfast and Matthew was at work in Hawkshead, me and Helen went a short walk up the tops, it was misty and very cold.
Bad news on the footy front a loss away to Blackburn.
Back to work in the morning, a full house coming in tomorrow.
The ambulance went through on Christmas day with the siren wailing, apparently it went down ferry hill but we have heard no more.

Christmas lunch for the animals.
Re the Christmas day ambulance, check out the comments, best wishes to Claire.

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Rob said...

The ambulance was for Claire Brady who slipped and broke AND dislocated her ankle while loading her car before visiting relatives for Christmas lunch. Christmas Day & a few more in Furness General for her it seems.

All from Far Sawrey wish her a speedy recovery.