Near Sawrey

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The rain that was forecast arrived early afternoon and it is a pretty miserable looking day.
We are up at Buckle Yeat preparing for the incoming guests, two rooms have arrived early.
Whilst we are waiting I am trying to catch up with my VAT returns, great fun at this festive time of the year but it has to be done and right after the New Year we will be very busy replacing the staircase at Buckle Yeat, that job is all in hand, stairs measured and ordered as is the carpet and wallpaper.
Hawkshead seemed quite busy this morning, I had forgot to order bread so went and picked some up.
Matthew is working in Ambleside today and then I think he gets a couple of days off.
The grocery delivery man has just been and he said it was snowing in Grizdale forest, it feels cold enough for snow.

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