Near Sawrey

Thursday, December 28, 2006

14 for breakfast this morning, a busy time. The village is really busy with lots of walkers about, the day is miserable but people are trying to get out for a walk, the pub looks full, it always is these few days after Christmas.
For the last few days I have been driving with the low fuel warning light on, I feel it a waste of a journey to out specially for diesel and planned to get some tomorrow when we go shopping, however I thought I better just nip to Ambleside and top up, I got as far as Hawkshead and ran out, great!
I rang home and Matthew came to the rescue, he spotted his mate's dad Richard and guessed he would have some diesel to spare, they are builders and have a couple of wagons on the road. Saved, Richard had a 5 gallon jerry can full so he gave me that, I filled up and then went to Ambleside filled my car and refilled Richards can.
Just one couple left this morning and the new guests have just arrived, we should be able to brave the elements and get a walk.

A gloomy view across Esthwaite Water taken from Hawkshead trout farm.

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