Near Sawrey

Friday, December 29, 2006

I'm afraid it's another grey damp day, high winds are on the way. The ferry is still operating at the moment which is good because we have to go to Kendal later and buy yet more food, we do a buffet for our regular New Year people on New Years Eve, we have cooked a ham and tomorrow we will poach a salmon.
We have a couple or rooms available tonight, a bit of bad planning on our part, with the weather being so miserable I can't see anybody calling but you never know.
Still lots of people are looking for Hill Top, I think the hype of the film Miss Potter is starting to attract even more visitors.
We had a strange request late last night, 5 ladies checked in Anvil cottage, a self catering place in the village, they discovered the agents had forgot to leave them towels, so they rang our door bell and asked to borrow some, of course we did but I could not imagine ringing a complete strangers door bell after dark and saying "could you lend me 5 bath towels" if you don't ask you don't get.

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