Near Sawrey

Saturday, January 06, 2007

A better day on the weather front, we thought we would have no workman today so we took the opportunity to go and get some paint for the lounge, we went to Barrow and called in at the cemetery in Ulverston with some flowers,it would have been mum's 76 birthday tomorrow.

This is the famous landmark of Ulverston, Hoad Monument, it was built in 1850 to commemorate Sir John Barrow one of Ulverston's most famous sons.

On the way back we saw a very nice grey Porsche, it had somehow managed to end up straddling a dry stone wall near south lodge at Graythwaite, I think the wall won on points.
When we got back I went to Buckle Yeat for some eggs and got the shock of my life, Roger had let himself in and had just about got all the plasterboard up.
FA Cup day and I will be watching the Liverpool v Arsenal game on the box later, we could do with a win over the gunners.
Well we might win on Tuesday (with a different goalie)

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