Near Sawrey

Friday, January 05, 2007

We have been getting on with next refurbishment stage ie the stairs, when we removed the carpet it was evident that the carpet was keeping them together,they were never in danger of collapse but we were not to know that till we managed to get under them.
Before Mark arrived to start work we had removed all the wallpaper and then started to hang the new paper at the far end of the landing.
To get the new stairs in place we had to remove a wall in the lounge, you would not believe the dust.

This is the stairs just as they were about to be removed on Thursday afternoon.

The new stairs in place and the partition wall going back up on Friday afternoon.
They look quite modern but when we get the wallpaper and the new carpet down I am sure it will look swish.

It's Denis's birthday today so Helen rang him in Spain to wish him many happy returns, they are settled in and enjoying some nice weather.

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