Near Sawrey

Friday, February 23, 2007

Another grey old day, we are only 50% full this weekend or 50% empty whichever way you choose, still it is only February.

A couple of things in the news this week which I am sure have gone national, a family decided to tackle Scafell and did not set of till lunchtime and took a babe in arms and a toddler, suffice to say they hit problems and the mountain resuce teams had to come to their aid.

The next bit of news is the so called sighting of the monster from the deep in Windermere aka "Bownessie" a photographer has some shots of the beast, apparently!!

Matthew has gone down to Gloucester tonight for a set of aptitude tests tomorrow in relation to a job application he has put in,I will not jinx it by going into too much detail.

I am at Buckle Yeat at the moment just waiting for a couple to check in, they have said they would be late so it is not a problem.
I nipped into the pub early doors for a swift pint or three, we have not been out for ages.

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