Near Sawrey

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The TV news is full of the rail crash at Grayrigg, it,s a miracle there was no more than one fatality.

Matthew was lucky he had got away down to his appointment before the line was closed, he is having more trouble getting back though, the trains are terminating at Preston and he will have to get on a bus.He should be home around 8 ish

Richard Branson visited the crash site and endeared himself to Cumbria by saying the crash happened "out in the sticks",it was only a mile or two north of Kendal! They seem to think we are in the back of beyond.

A bit busier tonight with just the one room free, but no callers. I am just waiting for the last room to arrive, a man and his 4 month old baby. The last people to arrive last night were later than planned because when they got to Thirlmere the main A591 was closed overnight and they had to go all the way back and come by Ullswater. United Utilities are clearing all the fir trees from the shores of Thirlmere and are closing the road overnight for the next few weeks.

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