Near Sawrey

Monday, February 26, 2007

Off to Morecambe this morning and what a day to go to the coast, it looks a vastly different place when the sun shines.
They have spent and are still spending money on Morecambe, on the coastal side of the main road it is looking good with promenades and gardens but the shops along the front are a different matter.
We used the sat nav which is fitted in our car and a thing we have never used before. It worked to find the accountant's new house in the depths of a Morecambe housing estate but we had to overrule it with its crazy directions to Morecambe, no wonder people get lost using them.

These pictures are all taken on the coast road back towards the Lake District.

When we got back to Near Sawrey even more trees had disappeared from the garden at the Tower Bank House, the National Trust have had some professional people in and felled some really massive fir trees.

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