Near Sawrey

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Another grey day with frequent squally showers, it has gone a lot colder and there was a bit of sleet in the wind.

We have four guests in tonight and they are all regular visitors to Buckle Yeat.
The incoming guests had told us they would not be arriving till after 4pm so we took the chance for a walk between the showers, we walked towards the church then across the fields and then picked up the footpath through Castle Woods and then back into the village, just a short one today, the wind was biting and we just about got home without getting soaked.

Matthew got back from Sarah's this afternoon and has now gone out again to the gym and for a swim. He tells me that both he and Sarah have been correcting some of my spelling and grammar mistakes on the blog, I will have to be more careful.

This first picture is one from Sunday up at Moss Eccles.

These two are in Castle Wood with second one being a shot across towards Claife Heights.

This last picture is one of the beautiful signs that sprung up in the hour we were having our walk, I am not sure who is responsible but I think they are hideous,what happened to the unobtrusive brown signs, I counted 4 in Near Sawrey alone and a couple of our guests said they were also similar signs in Hawkshead.I dread to think how many there will be along the roads that lead to the village.
If you need planning permission I ask how did they get it? and if you do not need permission, why not? Comments welcome.

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