Near Sawrey

Thursday, March 01, 2007

After a wild wet and windy night it has been a much brighter day. The ferry was back in operation today which was a good thing because I had to go into Kendal, first to the opticians and then for a haircut.

The optician did not fill me with much confidence though, I went to Boots for the actual eye test and then called in to look at some specs at another opticians and when the lady looked at my new prescription it was for someone called Miss Lawson!! I had not had my haircut by this time but please, Miss!!! give me a break.I went back and accepted his apology, I resisted the temptation to suggest he needed glasses.

We have had a few weeks of electrical goods failing and today, not one but two outside lights have given up the ghost so I have ordered some replacements from Screwfix and they should be here tomorrow. I also picked up a replacement bathroom fan from Kendal, still under guarantee fortunately,looks like I will be busy tomorrow.

The road gritter has just gone through the village to the ferry and back, the speed he was going I think his supper must be ready.

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