Near Sawrey

Friday, March 23, 2007

We had a busy breakfast on this sunny Friday morning, just as we were getting cleared up Roger the builder arrived,he was a just to late for a bacon sandwich, not like Roger at all. Anyway he had come to investigate a bit of a problem with damp around the chimney stack, he made some temporary repairs and will have to return.

Matthew has a couple of days off and picked up a Durham University pal from Windermere station, her name is Jen and she was spending a couple of days with Sarah at Lancaster, Sarah was busy today so Jen hopped on the train for a day in the Lakes, Matthew took her back to catch her train home from Lancaster this afternoon.
He will be back for work on Sunday.

I made a start on the painting and did manage to get some on the walls despite what the picture suggests.
I lost count of the number of directions I was asked for, the ferry, the toilets, the house of Miss Potter.

Just as I reported the case of the missing sign, it is back, what had happened I am not sure but I know one thing, the general public don't do signs, because people are still confused as to where Hill Top is.

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