Near Sawrey

Saturday, March 24, 2007

What a fantastic sunny day,I made a start with the painting after we had finished serving breakfast and sent out a couple of brochures that had been requested, a rare thing these days with the world wide web.

The last thing to paint was the chimney stacks and i had to climb on the roof to paint them safely.

These are some pictures of Sawrey from on top of Buckle Yeat roof.

The Tower Bank Arms

Market Street up towards Stoney Lane.

Post Office Meadow

Esthwaite Water, Buckle Yeat does have lake views, if you climb on the roof.

A different aspect of Hill Top.

The artist at work, Jemima has been on the roof for a number of years and needed a bit of a paint job.

Jemima back in position.

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